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Restaurant "O Lagar" in Torre de Moncorvo

The restaurant O Lagar is located in Torre de Moncorvo and occupies the space of an old wine cellar, well decorated and with a presentation to precept. Besides the quality of its food it is known to have a fast and efficient service. We speak Spanish, English, French and German.

Hablamos Español - We speak english - Nous parlons français - Wir sprechen deutsch

Its business card announces wide variety of fresh fish, which is confirmed with higher incidence in mackerel, trout and grilled conger. Turning to the meats, with excellent regional choices, keep in mind the stewed fava beans with entrecote, the homemade chicken "cabidela", the wild boar stew.

While you wait for the delicacies you can entertain yourself with the cheeses and sausages of the region.